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Adres İTÜ Bilişim Enstitüsü


Eight years of experience in healthcare domain (Consultancy, Academician, Supervisor and Project Manager)

Six years of experience in strategy development and business analysis in diverse industries including healthcare, IT, financial services and education.

Five years of experience in management by information systems, business intelligence, business analytics.

Five years of experience in software/information system development and software project management.

Nine years of experience in professional training and five years of experience in academic training.


PhD          Istanbul Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology              

§  Major Concentration: Management Engineering/Minor Concentration: Organization Theory                               

Thesis Topic: Micro-Macro Agents and Structure Interaction in Formation and Change of an Institutional Field: Turkish Private Hospital Field 

Study Focus: Healthcare Management, Organization Theory, Organizational Work, Institutional Entrepreneurship, Organizational Learning

Honors:  Academic Excellence Award

 Master         Istanbul Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology          

§  Major Concentration: Management Engineering/ Minor Concentration: Strategic Management

Thesis Topic: Teachable Leadership Model and an Application to Turkish Private Sector

Study Focus: Strategic Management, Leadership, Performance Improvement

Honors:  First student in ITU (240 years) history whom completed master program in one year

Undergraduate                     BahcesehirUniversity/Istanbul                                                                                      

§  Computer Engineering 

Thesis Topic: Linux Device Driver Development: Mouse Driver

Study Focus: Linux, Device Driver, Database Management, Knowledge Management

Honors: High Honors (Academic Excellence Award)


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