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Yer Alınan Önemli Projeler

• Development of a New Generation Semi-Autonomous Wheelchair Which is Controlled by Head Movements  (Tubitak (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) Project, Principle Investigator): As the Principle Investigator, I work with 2 of my scholarship graduate students in the project in order to develop an intelligent wheelchair.  Still Ongoing

• Electric Vehicle Development Project (Tekhnelogos A.Ş, Consultant), Still ongoing

• Electric Assisted Metrobus Project (Istanbul Ulaşım A.Ş, Consultant),  Still ongoing

• Intention aware planning (In SMART): I modeled the vehicle interaction at an intersection merging scenario as an intention aware planning problem and problem is solved using a Mixed Observability Markov Decision Process (MOMDP). Method is implemented successfully on real vehicle.

• Autonomous- Semi Autonomous Vehicle Development (In MEAM): I have been working as the coordinator of the team. An electric vehicle is converted into an autonomous vehicle. Obstacle avoidance, parallel parking and localization algorithms are designed and implemented successfully on real vehicle.

• Hybrid Electric Mid-Sized Bus Development Project (In Tubitak MAM): I developed a new control algorithm for fuel consumption and emission reduction within this project.

• Light Commercial HEV Project (In Mekar-Collaboration with FORD): A parallel hybrid electric vehicle was designed and developed from “Ford Transit” base vehicle. Most of the parts of the project creates my MSc thesis.

• Drive Safe Project (In Mekar-Collaboration with Renault): The primary goal of the project is to enhance transportation safety, reduce the loss of human life, manpower and goods as a result of accidents. I worked as software developer for data collection of vehicle and driver. 

• Autonomous Golf Cart Project (In Mekar): In this Project an electrical golf cart was transformed into an autonomous vehicle by making some changes on steering, braking and throttle system of vehicle. An automatic parallel parking algorithm was designed and applied successfully. 

• Solarcar and Hydrogen Vehicle Project (Undergraduate Student Club Project): We designed and produced 3 solar and 2 hydrogen cars for the competition “Formula-G” and "Hidromobil". As the captain of team, worked for the whole electric-electronics and telecommunication system of the cars.

 • Ethernet Based Control Circuit Design (BSc Thesis): An electronic circuit which communicates via TCP/IP was designed and implemented.