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Contact Information

Adress ITU Faculty of Science & Letters, Department of Chemistry 34469 Maslak İstanbul
Room 3rd Floor
Office Phone 0212-2853180
GSM 0532-4656080
Fax Number 0212-2856386

Research Interests

MY research interests scan a wide range of topics in the fields of theoretical chemistry, computational chemistry and chemical physics. Quantum mechanical, classical mechanical and coarse grained methods are used to model and study the microscopic (atomic/ molecular) or macroscopic (material) systems whose structures and behaviors are of experimental or technological importance. The application of these methods mentioned at different time and length scales to the systems of interest provides invaluable insights into their structures and behaviors which are usually concealed or not obtainable in the experimental studies. We focus on the structure-activity-property relationships of chemical systems by combining the available computational techniques with my group's expertise and experience.


Ankara Atatürk High School (1978), Middle East Technical University, Chemistry Department, BS(1983), M.Sci. (1985), Ph.D (1992), Darmstadt Technical University, Physical Chemistry Department, Germany, Ph.D Studies (1987-1989).