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Contact Information

Adress İTÜ - Ayazağa, Fen-Edebiyat Fakültesi, İnsan ve Toplum Bilimler Bölümü, Maslak - Sarıyer / İstanbul


I joined ITU in 2015, having previously been a PhD student and Teaching Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Sheffield. My research interests are in the history of political thought (especially Marx), contemporary political philosophy and ethics. 

Selected publications

  • 'Historical Materialism: Marx' in The Blackwell Companion to 19th Century Philosophy, ed. John Shand, Wiley-Blackwell: Oxford, 2017: forthcoming
  • 'Freedom and Necessity in Marx’s Account of Communism', British Journal for the History of Philosophy, 22.1, 2014.
  • Review: Virtue and Politics: Alasdair MacIntyre’s Revolutionary Aristotelianism, ed. Kelvin Knight and Paul Blackledge, Journal of Moral Philosophy, 11.1, 2014.
  • 'Marxian Liberalism: A New Synthesis', Res Publica, 19.4, 2013.