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Graduate Education

Biomedical Engineering Laser Laboratories (BELL)
Ph.D. in Laser-Tissue Interactions, December 1994
Professor A. J. Welch
MSE in Tissue Optics, December 1990
Supervisor: Professor A. J. Welch

Undergraduate Education

BSE in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), October 1986
Title of senior project: "Analysis and Applicability of Annular Microstrip Antenna Arrays to Microwave Hyperthermia" (theoretical investigation and simulation, written in Turkish)

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Bingül Yazgan

Middle and High School

Deutsche Hochschulreifeprüfung (German Junior College Scholastic Aptitude Examination): 2.0/6.0 (1.0 highest score and 6.0 lowest score) 1982
Received yearly book prizes for very high scholastic averages from 1976 to 1982