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Adres İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, İnşaat Fakültesi, Geoteknik Anabilim Dalı, Oda No: 260
Oda No 260
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Mayıs 09
Use the attached document for foundation design part of the project.

Nisan 21
Due date for the submission of second report is extended to 27.04.2017.

Nisan 07
Use the attached document to design the retaining structures. Due date for the second report is 21.04.2017.

Mart 07
Due date for the 1. report of your term project is 17/03/2017 on friday. You can use the attached sample...

Mart 07
Your last assignment for the first report is to complete the soil profile using the correlations in attached document. You...

Mart 03
Second week assignment for the term project is as follows: 2.1. Take 2 cross-sections showing the layering of soil strata, ground...

Şubat 23
Term project presentation is included.

Şubat 22
Deal All, Your first task is to determine the location, number and depth of boreholes. You are expected to use the...

Şubat 22
Dear All, Term project documents are in attached. Office hours table is included into the document.